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Tips To Last Long In Bed

When it comes to having fun and a good time every single human being on this planet never wants to stop it and desires to continue it for a long time. There are few things that are entirely in our command, and hence we can do it and indulge in it as long as we want. But there are a lot of things that we do not have complete control over it, and hence it needs to come to an end at a point.

One of those things that every human loves to have for a long time is sex. But unfortunately, it is not possible by the predominant population. But there are few things that can be done to extend the sex sessions. In this article, we will see some tips to last longer in bed.

Masturbate before doing it


We all know for a fact that once it is done, it takes a long time to reach the high and come again. So the easiest and the best way is to masturbate before penetration. Most of the Birmingham escorts have said that it is one of the very common things that their clients do. It would be a lot better if it can be done as a part of the foreplay process and if it is done by the sex partner. But it ok if you can just shag it in your restroom before starting. Getting hard is not a huge deal for men; they get aroused for no reason. So if you are thinking that it would be difficult to get hard again after masturbation you are absolutely wrong.

Do it again and again

The science behind it is exactly the same what is there in the previous topic. Just because you are done once it does not mean that you need to stop there. Do not stop keep going until you are exhausted. This is one common mistake that most men do during sex. Once you are done with the first time the second time will definitely take much longer which will give you more time on the bed.

Take it slow

We do accept the fact that both men and women like it hard and rough. But at the same time, there are possibilities that hard thrusts will end things soon. Taking it slow will help a lot to have fun and at the same time have long sessions. For the first time, you can take it slow after completing the first session you go as hard as you as want.

Take a break

When we are saying to take it does not mean to get out of bed and do something else. If you feel that you are nearing the climax, you can take a pause and indulge in things like kissing, fondling, and playing with each other. By doing this, you are having a good time and also lengthening your session in the bed. Changing positions will also help a lot when it comes to this because there will be a considerable amount of break while changing positions.

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